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The NHS is Labour’s Proudest achievement 

The cuts and ‘reorganisation’ of the NHS have done immense damage.

I have over 15 years of experience fighting for the NHS. From working with local Councillors to safeguard services at Queen Mary’s to supporting neighbouring MPs in efforts to save St Helier’s and Charing Cross Hospitals and protecting vital services and staff at St Georges.

Our social care system is not fit for purpose, pressures on unpaid carers of family and friends, and delays to discharging patients from hospitals is just the tip of the iceberg. I hear about this every day in my role at city hall. Locally we must hold this government and Justine Greening  to account with evidenced based campaigns that really inform the public about what is really going on in their health service.

Cuts to health and social care are hurting many in our community. We need to make sure people not profits are at the centre of our NHS. That’s where I stand and that’s how i’ll vote in Parliament if elected your MP. 

The photo of me over there >>> in the chopper was taken when I visited St John’s Ambulance. I’m already linked into all the important networks across London. I’ll use them to ensure we geat the best outcomes for residents throughout the campaign.